We planted saplings in honour of our martyrs.

We planted saplings in our campus on the occasion of the 15 July National Unity and Solidarity Day.

A sapling was planted to keep alive the names of each of our 252 martyrs who were martyred in the July 15 coup attempt. MAUN Rector Prof. Fethi Ahmet Polat and his wife Nilüfer Polat, as well as Vice Rector Prof. Yaşar Karadağ, Secretary General Harun Demir, deans, unit supervisors and our staff attended to the program.

Rector Polat, who made a statement on the subject, said, “Today, we planted 252 5-year-old tube fruit saplings in our university in honour of our 252 martyrs. Together with the saplings we planted before, 1000 grown fruit saplings met with the soil. If God allows, the wolf bird will eat its fruit, our students and staff will collect it, and our martyrs will be rewarded. Good luck will go every time. It was our share to plant saplings in the name of our hero, Ömer Halis Demir, the symbol name of July 15. May Allah raise the rank of all our martyrs and give our veterans a healthy long life!”

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