The Red Crescent (Kızılay) Boutique Store Opened at the Campus

The Red Crescent Boutique Store, which will provide free clothes to university students in need, was opened at Güzeltepe Campus.

The store, which was opened with the support of the Red Crescent Muş Branch, started to serve girls and boys in the bazaar building of our complex.

Rector Prof.  Dr.  Fethi Ahmet Polat thanked the Turkish Red Crescent officials for bringing such a good service to our university.İsmail Hakkı Turunç, Deputy Chairman of the Red Crescent, said, “We have opened our boutiques at our universities before.

Here we are giving gifts with brotherly feelings.  As the Red Crescent, this is an indication of our sensitivity towards people."

Muş Governor Assoc.  Dr.  İlker Gündüzöz said, “I convey my most heartfelt greetings to the Red Crescent officials. I would like to thank the Red Crescent for this work.”

The aim is to serve 4 thousand students per year

Cengiz Koç, Member of the Board of Directors of the Red Crescent, who spoke at the opening, said, “We are extremely happy to start this service to our students at the Mus Alparslan University complex.  Our students can take the clothes they want from here.  We plan to serve approximately 4,000 students in need per year.”

CREATED TIME: 10-01-2022 07:50 |