“Teaching Clock Reading to Children at Risk of Dyscalculia” Project Implementations Started

The applications of the 2209 TÜBİTAK Project titled “Teaching Clock Reading for Children with Dyscalculia Risk” started by the students of Mathematics Education department of the Faculty of Education under the coordination of MAUN Faculty of Education faculty member Assoc. Dr. Yılmaz Mutlu.

Within the scope of the project, a total of 12 lessons, including two lessons per week, are given to 10 girls and 10 boys who are in the 3rd grade of primary school in the city centre of Muş and especially have a mathematical disability. Mathematics Education students Edanur Güven, Çiğdem Demirtaş, Rumeysa Durgun and Elif Yurul aim to provide students with clock reading skills through concrete materials and games. The study is carried out with pretest-posttest and quasi-experimental methods.

 “Clock Reading is a Basic Skill”

Emphasizing that clock reading is a basic skill needed in the planning and management of many behaviours in daily life, Assoc. Dr. Yılmaz Mutlu stated that “The quality of life of individuals who cannot acquire the skill of reading the clock can be significantly affected by this situation. Therefore, it is very significant to provide the right educational interventions in the early period. Within the scope of the current project, it is aimed to improve the clock reading skills of children at risk of dyscalculia with clock teaching materials and clock games.”

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