Rector Prof. Dr Fethi Ahmet Polat Attended The 5th Term UNIDAP Meeting

he 5th Term Meeting of the Eastern Anatolia Project Universities Union (UNIDAP), hosted by Atatürk University, was held with the participation of Prof. Dr Erol Özvar, the President of the Council of Higher Education (YÖK).

The 5th Term UNIDAP Meeting, hosted by Atatürk University, was held to cooperate on education, research and development, projects, social service, regional development and other required issues between the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Eastern Anatolia Project Regional Development Administration (DAP) and union member universities. The President of YÖK, Prof. Dr Erol Özvar, Rector of Muş Alparslan University, Prof. Dr Fethi Ahmet Polat and DAP Regional Development Administration President Prof. Dr Osman Demirdöğen attended the meeting.  In addition to these names, Rector of Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University Prof. Dr Abdulhalik Karabulut, Atatürk University Rector Prof. Dr Ömer Çomaklı, Rector of Bingöl University Prof. Dr İbrahim Çapak, Rector of Bitlis Eren University Prof. Dr Necmettin Elmastaş, Erzincan Binali Yıldırım University Rector Prof. Dr. Akın Levent, Rector of Erzurum Technical University Prof. Dr Bülent Çakmak, Fırat University Rector Prof. Dr Fahrettin Göktaş, Rector of Hakkari University Prof. Dr Ömer Pakiş, Rector of İnönü University Prof. Dr Ahmet Kızılay, Rector of Kafkas University Prof. Dr Hüsnü Kapu, Munzur University Rector Prof. Dr Ubeyde İpek, Rector of Sivas Science and Technology University Prof. Dr Mehmet Kul, Rector of Sivas Cumhuriyet University Prof. Dr Alim Yıldız and Van Yüzüncü Yıl University Rector Prof. Dr Hamdullah Şevli participated in The 5th Term UNIDAP Meeting.

“One of the Most Important Missions of Universities is to Serve the Society"

Starting his speech with the essential activities of UNIDAP, Prof. Dr Erol Özvar said, “One of the most critical missions of universities is to serve the society. Özvar further states that universities, which provide services for the benefit of society while pursuing scientific knowledge and innovations with their research, contribute to the welfare of the country and the region with the positive effects of the knowledge and experience they produce. Also, Prof Dr Özvar said, "Due to the climate changes and environmental disasters that have occurred in recent years, efforts are expected from universities in the preservation and improvement of the natural environment in which they are located, underlining the ability to respond to the needs of the country and the region while explaining the vision and mission of universities. In short, our universities, together with all their functions and stakeholders, serve to improve and increase the quality of life of the region. The universities of each of our provinces in the DAP Region will have the most significant share in achieving this goal shortly with their qualified teaching staff who produce qualified information.

The meeting ended with the rectors expressing their opinions, wishes and suggestions on the subject.

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