Panel on Sheep and Goat Breeding

A panel on the "Muş Region Sheep Goat Breeding, Important Infectious Diseases and Prevention Ways" was held with the cooperation of our University and Caucasus University.


The panel was held in the Prof. Dr. Sabahattin Zaim Conference Hall. MAUN Rector Prof. Dr. Fethi Ahmet Polat and Caucasus University Rector Prof. Dr. Hüsnü Kapu were the Honorary Chairmen. The panel, chaired by Yaşar Karadağ (vice rector and Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences), was held in two sessions.


The opening speech of the ceremony, which started with a moment of silence and the singing of the National Anthem, was made by Rector Polat. Prof. Dr. Yaşar Karadağ was the moderator in the first session, and Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Kırımoğlu was the moderator in the second session.


In his speech, Rector Polat emphasized the importance of both Caucasus University in this field and the cooperation with Caucasus University. In his speech, Polat said, “It is very meaningful that we organize this panel together with Caucasus University. In particular, the journal published by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Caucasus University is the only journal in the Eastern Anatolia Region in terms of SCI publications. Our lecturers working at the Faculty of Applied Sciences have expectations from this panel. My biggest expectation, as a rector, is that lecturers from the Caucasus University will contribute to our academic studies, and we have taken the word from our teachers in this regard. We also agreed on the editorship of scientific journals. We will take a step in that regard and create our guidelines. Scientific journals will be published in Muş Alparslan University in line with certain criteria. If our journals reach those criteria, they will be indexed in SCI.”

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