Our university has renewed the Microsoft Operating System License for a duration of three years

Our university, which currently uses the Microsoft Windows Operating System, has renewed the Microsoft Operating System License for a period of 3 years. With the license renewal, our university, which prioritizes the use of licensed software, ensures that our staff continues to use up-to-date and licensed operating systems.

Mehmet Sevi, an engineer from the Information Technology Department, stated that regular updates of software licenses are of great importance in preventing security vulnerabilities and protecting corporate data. Sevi stated, "The use of licensed software makes our university's information technology infrastructure more efficient and secure. In addition to ensuring compliance with legal requirements, licensed software usage improves the stability of the information technology infrastructure, enhancing productivity and performance."
Following the tender, our Secretary-General, Harun Demir, emphasized the importance given to the use of up-to-date and licensed software in our university, stating that it contributes significantly to data security. Demir said, "Our Information Technology Department not only keeps up with the latest developments in information technology but also provides services that will significantly support our staff in this field, contributing to increased efficiency. As the university management, we attach importance to the use of licensed software on our employees' computers in order to raise information security standards and reduce the risk of data loss. These efforts are part of an ongoing endeavor to strengthen our university's IT infrastructure and improve service quality."

CREATED TIME: 12-05-2023 11:36 |