MAUN Rector Inspected Wheat Harvest in the TİGEM field

Our Rector, Prof. Dr. Fethi Ahmet Polat, inspected the wheat harvesting process in the Muş Alparslan TİGEM field run by Tiryaki Agro Food Group. Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Yaşar Karadağ, Executive Assistant Şakir Çetin, Director of Yıldız Agricultural Enterprises Burhan Çam and Agricultural Engineer Hanifi Yağmur accompanied the visit.

In the middle of the Muş plain, which is one of the most significant plains of our country, agricultural activities are carried out in dry conditions in approximately 6000 hectares of TİGEM's land, which has an area of 6500 hectares between Murat River and Karasu. Yıldız Seed Company, which operates entirely in the field of seeds, in the fields adjacent to the trial planting areas planned to be established as TarımKent by our university, ranks first in the harvest and sale of certified wheat and barley seeds in Eastern Anatolia. This year, Krasunia odeska on an area of 2000 hectares, Syrena odeska wheat on an area of 800 hectares and 13 types of sunflower for oil and sunflower for snacks were planted on an area of 3100 hectares in TİGEM lands this year. Wheat trial planting was carried out in various parts of TİGEM lands by the Faculty of Applied Sciences of our university.

The favorable climatic conditions and rains this year, after the great drought last year, caused a record level of harvest in the Muş TİGEM land. As of today, average seed wheat yields have reached 490 kilograms in dry conditions.

 Stating that the drought due to global climate change has reached serious dimensions in the world and in our country and access to food due to the pandemic has become difficult, Yıldız Agricultural Enterprises Manager Burhan Çam said: “In this period, the importance of agricultural production and water is gradually increasing. Therefore, since we have to find ways to make the existing agricultural lands most productive, we have to increase our irrigated lands and use our scarce water in the most economical way. For this, land, water, manpower, finance and serious planning are needed. Our irrigation investments, which you have seen here, will be one of the most important factors in the agricultural development of Muş and the yield in the plain will reach enormous dimensions. As a result of the works we started on the field with the strong technical team of Rivulis-Eurodrip in 2018, we irrigated 600 hectares of land with an investment of 6 million dollars in 2021. In the last quarter of 2021, we invested an additional 8 million dollars in an additional 800 hectares of land. By the end of this year, we aim to irrigate 1400 hectares of land with a fully automated drip and sprinkler system. At the same time, we carry out massive construction and contracting works on a 24/7 basis to transfer 8000 tons/hour of water from the Murat River to irrigate 3000 hectares. Our company also cooperates with Muş Alparslan University. This cooperation is one of the best examples of university and private sector collaboration. I sincerely believe that we will sign much better partnerships with our university in the near future”.

Rector Polat made a statement on the subject, "The results of these actions carried out jointly with our University and Yıldız Alparslan Agricultural Enterprise show us how important the university and private sector cooperation is. These practices carried out are of the quality and size to make positive contributions to the agricultural production of our province as well as our region and even our country. The most important work for the Muş Plain is the irrigation project. In my opinion, this project is the biggest historical project of Muş. This project, which is of great importance for the plain when the works we have seen on the existing lands are completed, will be both the first and the largest fully automated drip and sprinkler modular system in our country. A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved”.

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