MAUN Arts and Design Exhibition

"Arts and Design Exhibition", where the annual works of MAUN students studying in graphic design and handicrafts programs were exhibited, was held in the foyer area of 1071 Malazgirt Congress and Culture Center.


MAUN Rector Prof. Polat was present in the opening ceremony, along with MAUN Vice-Rector Prof. Caydas, Secretary General Mr. Demir, Director of the Vacational School of Technical Sciences Dr. Alkis, and MAUN students. Dr. Alkis who made the opening speech said, "We are once again proud of our students at this event where they have shown their talents. Since we are a pilot state university in digital transformation, I would like to emphasize the importance of these works carried out by our students in our well-equipped computer laboratories, where digitalization is at the forefront. I believe that our students are ready to work in their sectors and wish that this exhibition will be beneficial for them. I also thank our department heads for their efforts."


Graphic Works More Powerful Than Verbal Expression

The works of MAUN students studying in the graphic design program attracted great attention. In the exhibition attracting attendees from the sector as well as staff and students, approximately 200 works compiled from those designed in courses such as basic design, original printing, corporate identity design, publication graphics, packaging graphics, experimental typography and illustration were presented to the visitors.


Instructor Serdar Dik, Head of the Department of Design, said, "As department teachers, we are proud to bring together the designs that our students prepared with great effort in a year. " As the Department of Design, we have made it our mission to help the sector to discover the talents of our graduates, and we can consider this exhibition as a presentation of their designs.


Graphic designs have more power than verb expression. It is possible to give the same message to societies speaking different languages, even to illiterate people, with graphic works. In this sense, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of this profession, which will always appear as a mass communication tool and which needs qualified staff in both the public and private sectors. We believe that our students will be successful as long as they keep up with the changes and follow the trends in their profession.


I would like to thank our department staff, Instructor Ahmet Abuzeroglu and Instructor Ertugrul Erbey for their contributions and guidence to our students as they transition to their lives as professional designers.


I also want to thank MAUN Rector Prof. Polat and the director of our school Dr. Alkis for attending the exhibition."


100 Works Exhibited

In the exhibition prepared by the students of the Department of Handicrafts, nearly 100 works compiled from the assignments and tasks in the courses such as Ornamentation, Tile, Ceramic, Jewelry Design, Wood Carving, Marbling Art, Original Printing, and Basic Arts Education were exhibited.

Instructor Mikail Sevindik, Head of the Department of Handicraft, said, "As the instructors of the department, we are very happy to present the various works that our students studying in the Architectural Decorative Arts program have prepared with great efforts.  I would like to thank our instructors Erhan Karadag, Abdulkadir Oznuluer and Selahattin Aslan who have always been there for our students to be prepared for work life, and who guided them whenever they needed."

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