Happy 951th Anniversary of Malazgirt Victory

Happy 951th Anniversary of Malazgirt Victory

Our Rector Fethi Ahmet Polat and our University staff attended the 951th anniversary celebration program of the Battle of Malazgirt, which started at the Battle of Malazgirt Historical National Park and will last for four days.

Muş Governor İlker Gündüzöz, Justice and Development Party Member of Parliament Mehmet Emin Şimşek, Malazgirt District Governor Yiğit Yaşar Demirer, Archers Foundation President as well as Beyoğlu Mayor Haydar Ali Yıldız, Muş Mayor Feyat Asya, Bulanık District Governor Mehmet İlidi, Malazgirt Mayor Cengiz Altın, political party representatives, heads of institutions and citizens also attended the program.

Our staff, who participated in the program, which started with a janissaryr band concert and a show by folk dance teams, gave information to the guests by exhibiting our university's activities, products and academic studies about Manzikert in 2 tents and 1 shop.

In the Han Tent and 16 thematic tents located in the ceremony area, while local delicacies were offered for sale in food and beverage areas and traditional handicraft shops, institutions and organizations from many provinces kept the spirit of Malazgirt alive. The horse javelin show and horse races also attracted great interest from the guests. The program ended with the torchlight procession that took place in the evening.

Making a statement on the subject, Rector Polat said, “Protocol talks, tent tours, conversations we had with the staff we came with three buses, the visit to Ahlat and finally the great torchlight procession in the evening passed in a festive mood. We will be in Malazgirt every day during the events. I hope we will go down to the square with the highest participation on Friday.”

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