Editorial Board of Anemon Journal Gathered

The editorial board meeting of our university's Anemon International Social Sciences Journal in 2022 was held by the Rector.

The journal started accepting publications in 2013 and offered hundreds of valuable studies to the scientific world. The triannual journal is published in April, August and December since 2022. Each issue of the journal contains a maximum of 30 articles, of which 15 are in Turkish and 15 are in English or other languages.

At the meeting attended by the editors and editorial board members of the journal, a total of 28 studies, 13 in Turkish and 15 in English, from different fields of social sciences were decided to be published in the August issue. The journal is currently indexed in ULAKBIM database. The editorial board discussed the steps to be taken for making the journal indexed in SCOPUS and other international databases.

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