11 new Departments and Programmes launched at MAUN

Examining our proposal to open new departments and programs at our university, the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) approved the opening of 11 new departments and departments.

Newly opened undergraduate departments; Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Basic Sciences and Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Clinical Sciences. The newly opened departments in the graduate and doctorate fields that will accept students next year are as follows; Physical Education and Sports (with Thesis), Educational Administration (with Thesis), Guidance and Psychological Counseling (with Thesis), Social Studies (Thesis), History of the Republic of Turkey (with Thesis), Modern History (with Thesis), Turkish Education (with Thesis) (E.L.) , Women and Family Studies (Non-Thesis) (E.E.), Chemistry (PhD).


With our newly opened departments, students will be admitted to a total of 126 departments and programmes next year, including 48 associate degree, 40 undergraduate, 30 graduate, 8 doctorate. While 1750 students graduated from our university this year, 3770 student quotas will be opened in associate and undergraduate degrees, and 250 student quotas in graduate and doctorate fields for the next year. According to these data, it is expected that around 4000 new students will come to our city next year.

 Our Rector Prof. Dr. Fethi Ahmet Polat shared his wish and expressed that he wholeheartedly believes that our University will be among the most attractive universities of Eastern Anatolia with its new departments that have been opened and will continue to be opened in the center and districts, and its academic and administrative staff that is getting stronger every day.


Prof. Dr. Polat thanked especially to President of the Council of Higher Education Prof. Dr. Erol Özvar and members of the Council of Higher Education Executive Board and to  everyone who contributed and supported the university to reach this point.

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